Dawson Ridge Park: Baker Field and Dawson Field

Located in the Dawson Ridge Plan of homes, off Tuscarawas Road, this neighborhood recreational area covers 9.8 acres. It’s been a central location for youth baseball and T-ball for hundreds of young ballplayers over the years, including future major leaguer pitchers John Burkett and Doug Piatt.  The fields are fully utilized throughout the spring and fall.


dawson-ridge-baseball dawson-ridge-basketball dawson-ridge-baseball-II
Dawson Field Basketball Court Baker Field


Baker Field has plenty of space for spectator seating and an elevated view of the field for watching the action. Two parking lots provide ample space in a residential neighborhood surrounded by lush woods.


Residents also may take advantage of an open air pavilion, paved basketball court, playground, concession stand and indoor restroom facilities. A second entrance to the back parking lot is available at the end of Chestnut Street. Pets are not permitted.


Dawson Field was named for the George W. Dawson family whose homestead farm was the site for the Dawson Ridge Plan of homes. Baker Field was named in honor of Michael and Myrtle E. Baker, Jr., who developed the Dawson Ridge Plan for the Union Supply Company, built the Tuscarawas Shopping Plaza and donated ground for the park.


GPS Directions: Latitude, Longitude: 37.0625, -95.677068.


Address: 117 Birch Street, Beaver, PA, in the Dawson Ridge Plan.


The latitude and longitude coordinates are provided using information supplied by Google Maps. Brighton Township can not be held responsible for the accuracy of this information.