Deduct Meters Available


The Brighton Township Sewage Authority (BTSA), in cooperation with the Brighton Township Municipal Authority (BTMA), will permit users to have a separate meter installed to measure the flow of water that does not enter the sanitary sewer system. This meter typically reads water used outside for watering lawns or gardens, washing vehicles or filling swimming pools. This sewer deduct meter is read at the same time as your water meter at the end of each quarter. The reading on the sewer meter is deducted from the excess use based on the water meter reading. The minimum amount billed during each quarter remains at twelve thousand gallons. Absent a sewer meter, no credit will be given for outside water use, such as filling your swimming pool.


The cost of the additional meter is one hundred fifty dollars ($350.00). This one-time charge includes the meter and installation. Payment in advance to BTMA is required. All inside plumbing revisions are to be completed by and at the expense of the owner in advance and are subject to inspection prior to meter installation. Applications for sewer meter installation are available on the Applications & Forms Page.