Speed Limit



Pennsylvania Act 151 of 1998 amended the Vehicle Code to allow townships to reduce speed limits on township roads to 25 mph without the need for an engineering and traffic study. Prior to passage of the Act, the establishment of a speed limit was a cumbersome and costly process. This Act has places the authority to establish speed limits on Township owned and maintained roads in the hands of the Township’s elected officials. The Board of Supervisors, under the authority granted in the Act, at their November 8, 1999 meeting adopted Ordinance No. 111 establishing a uniform 25 mph speed limit on all Township roads. The Road Department will be proceeding with the posting of speed limit signs in accordance with the Ordinance. 


It is important to remember that this Ordinance does not apply to State roads within the Township. The establishment of speed limits on State roads remains under the jurisdiction of the PA Department of Transportation. State roads include the following roads: Brighton, Dutch Ridge, Tuscarawas, Grange, Wildwood, Beaner Hollow, Barclay Hill, Doyle, Lisbon, Anchortown, Brady’s Run, Park and Pine Grove (from Doyle to Industry only). The Brighton Township Police Department does enforce posted speed limits on State roads.