Emergency Notification System Established

To comply with PA DEP Public Notification Rules the Municipal Authority has implemented the services of Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as its emergency notification provider. The Swift911™ system is designed to make phone calls on a Township-wide basis, or to specific people or areas, in the event of an emergency, and can make hundreds of calls a minute to convey recorded messages. It can also be used to share important information. The system is also available for use by emergency services or other Township Departments who can give notice of road closures, missing persons or other information. 


The Swiftreach Network data has been provided by a third party data provider and only includes listed phone numbers. It is important for residents and business owners to verify the accuracy of the information provided to us, and to provide additional contact information such as unlisted, unpublished or cell phone numbers and even email addresses. Accurate information in the database helps to ensure emergency notifications will be passed on to everyone in a timely manner. 



Please use the form below to add, remove or update your infmormation. Be assured that this information will not be provided to any outside agencies or companies.




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