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Bradys Run Slope Stability Project (SR 4012, B10)

Penn D.O.T. is planning a landslide repair on Bradys Run Road in Brighton Township, Beaver County, which includes reconstruction of the lane and shoulder on the embankment side of the road with milling and resurfacing of the lane and shoulder on the cut slope side.  The reconstruction length is approximately 500 feet.


Construction for this project is slated to begin in the spring of 2019.  For more information, click here.



Brighton Township Bicentennial Look Back

Thanks to the popularity of the “Brighton Township Bicentennial Look Back” series on Facebook and everyone’s wonderful comments and memories, the Township has compiled a series of highlights in a newly-published booklet. If you would like your own copy of this piece of timeless history, or to give as gifts, 1,000 copies have been printed and are available at the Township Office at 1300 Brighton Road. Cost is $5 each. Get your copy today!



Waterline Replacement Construction Projects

The Brighton Township Municipal Authority’s contract with Graziani Construction, Inc. for the second phase of waterline construction on Tuscarawas Road is substantially completed with restoration of yards remaining.  The DEP recently released the final permit that the old waterline can be taken out of service and now the Contractor can complete all the final yard restoration.


The contract with Mortimer’s Excavating, Inc. was completed in the these areas:

Tuscarawas Road:  Little Beaver Drive to Sebring Road

Tuscarawas Road:  Mackall Drive to Center Drive


The Authority has a maintenance bond in place to address any items that need addressed, including yards and driveways that develop issues over the winter months.


Please report any issues for either project to the Township Office at 724-774-4800 or by email at  so they can be tracked to completion.



2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Released by the Brighton Township Municipal Authority

The Brighton Township Municipal Authority has issued their 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report on water testing performed in 2017. The Authority is pleased to report that their drinking water meets all Federal and State requirements. The report can be read or downloaded here



Delinquent Water & Sewage Account Policy Amended

The Municipal Authority and Sewage Authority have amended their Delinquent Account Policy to eliminate the sending of Late Notices. Delinquent water and sewage charges are included on the bill card sent monthly to each account.  Therefore, the sending of Late Notices was a duplicate effort.


Prior to service termination, delinquent accounts will continue to receive a certified mail Shut-Off Notice providing an opportunity to pay the amount in arrears. A Shut-Off Notice will be posted on the property just prior to service termination. Fees for delinquent collections will be added to the customer account and remain as follows:


Certified Mailing – $15.00

Delinquent Posting – $10.00

Delinquent Water Turn-Off – $20.00

Delinquent Water Turn-On – $20.00


The Municipal and Sewage Authorities have options for prompt and quick payments of your water and sewage charges to help you avoid late fees or penalties that can occur as a result of delays that can occur with mail service. Visit the Water Sewage Authorities Page to review the options available.



Rental Registration Reminder

Brighton Township code requires each owner of rental property located within the Township to register the rental property and tenants age 18 and over. The registration is to be renewed on or before February 1st and August 1st of each year advising the Township of any changes in occupancy.  Registration forms are available at the Township Office or under the Applications and Forms Page in the Residents Center on this web site. Once registered, if you have had no tenant changes you may report the information by calling 724-774-4800. 



Are Solicitors Knocking at Your Door?

All individuals who solicit in Brighton Township are required to obtain a soliciting permit from the Chief of Police and are advised that when they solicit, they are required to exhibit a copy of the permit upon contact with the resident. If they cannot produce a permit, they are soliciting illegally.


Soliciting is prohibited on Sundays and holidays, before 9:30 a.m., or after sunset or 6:00 p.m., which occurs first.


If you come in contact with an individual who is soliciting illegally, please call the Brighton Township Police Department at 724-728-1134 or Non-Emergency County Dispatch at 724-774-1789.



2% Discount on Water & Sewer Charges Now Available!

Residential accounts can now receive a 2% discount on water and sewer charges by enrolling in the Automatic Bill Payment Option. With this payment option, charges are automatically drawn from the enrolled checking account. For more information on this payment option or to get an enrollment form, go to the Water Sewage Authorities page.



New FEMA Flood Maps Posted

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers the National Flood Insurance Program, has released updated studies and mapping for floodplains. The Township has posted all related information on the Planning & Zoning Page.




Brighton Township is one of the Western Pennsylvania region’s most affluent, beautiful and serene communities that is within minutes of the Borough of Beaver, a Pittsburgh Magazine “top 10 stable great neighborhood” and the Beaver Area School District, a Pittsburgh Business Times “top 10 percent regional district.” The township features immediate access to local recreation and medical center, Pittsburgh attractions, interstate highways, an international airport and excellent shopping. With significantly lower property taxes, the township has grown steadily during the past five years as a safe, vibrant bedroom community in which to raise a family. Our Web Site provides a continuing flow of meaningful information to our residents and encourages increased communication between the Township and the public that we serve.




Founded in 1816, Brighton Township is a residential community blending a rural setting with a progressive attitude. A Township of the Second Class, it is governed by a board of three elected supervisors, each serving a six year term.


The Board of Supervisors appoints a Township Manager who is charged with the day to day operations and fiscal management of the Township. The Board meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building at 1300 Brighton Road. Any necessary change in this schedule is advertised in the local legal ads, and special meetings are advertised as well. All meetings of the Board are open to the public with an opportunity at each meeting for public comment. Further, any individual is encouraged to contact the Township offices with concerns or comments. Residents are encouraged to present their views on Township matters on any of the means that are available, including letters, e-mail, telephone and in person.


This website is updated regularly, so please return again soon to be as up to date as possible with Township departments and happenings. We want and need your input for topics you would like to see added to our site. Please share your ideas.