Brighton Township Comprehensive Planning Process


Brighton Township has a rich history of planning and has placed great emphasis on all aspects of community planning. Most recently, the 2021 Brighton Township Implementable Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in December 2021. To complete the Plan a Steering Committee was appointed to work with the Brighton Township Planning Commission and Envision Group LLC, a professional planning consultant. The Plan was prepared using the planning principals identified in the Pennsylvania Department of Community Development’s (DCED) “Creating an Implementable Comprehensive Plan.” This process focused on identifying community issues, steps to address the issues, persons or groups responsible for addressing the issues, and a timetable for implementation that identifies short, medium, and long range efforts. The emphasis was on determining the needs and desires of the community rather than a fit into a traditional comprehensive plan format.


A copy of the plan can be accessed by clicking here.


The Plan is not an ordinance and does not regulate the use of land. However, the Zoning Code is to be generally consistent with the Plan. The Plan will be used as a guide for community development and conservation goals, and to provide strategies to attain those goals.


The below documents summarize the activity that took place during the plan preparation phase. Those that have participated – we appreciate and value your input!


PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 1

PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 2

PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 3

PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 4

PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 5

PDF icon Steering Committee Meeting 6

PDF icon Community Survey No. 1

PDF icon Community Survey No. 2



Feasibility Study – Firemen’s Social Hall

The Brighton Township Firemen’s Social Hall was originally constructed as Brighton Grange #1392. The Grange was constructed in 1909 and moved to its present location from another part of the property in 1931. In the 1970s a series of additions were added. The Brighton Township VFD operated the hall for department and social events. The most popular event was their fish fry dinners. The dinners were heavily attended and they were the primary fund raising activity for the department. Unfortunately, a reduction in the number of BTVFD members and volunteers who worked the fish fries and the increasing costs of fish and supplies resulted in the dinners being discontinued. Thereafter, the building was used on a limited basis. When the BTVFD was no longer able to properly maintain and operate the building and property due to financial constraints, they asked Brighton Township to assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities. The Township took ownership on April 5, 2019. During the Township’s ownership the building has had limited use.


The Brighton Township Supervisors consider the Social Hall to be a valuable community asset, and an opportunity to provide a needed indoor recreation facility within which the Parks and Recreation Board can plan for and provide recreation programs for the community and as an indoor rental facility. Rather than see the building fall in to further disrepair, and to evaluate the best investment of community assets, the Board of Supervisors initiated a Feasibility Study for the Social Hall and appointed a Study Committee that created the 2021 Indoor Recreation Center Feasibility Study for the property. The Feasibility Study was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on April 12, 2021. .


The below documents are a record of the Study Committees efforts and the final Feasibility Study. Those that have participated – we appreciate and value your input!


PDF icon Study Committee Meeting 1

PDF icon Study Committee Meeting 2

PDF icon Study Committee Meeting 3

PDF icon Study Committee Meeting 4

PDF icon 2021 Indoor Recreation Center Feasibility Study




PDF icon Bicycle Network Master Plan

PDF icon Two Mile Run Park Master Plan 2014

PDF icon Greenway Plan 2016