Comprehensive Planning


Brighton Township has a rich history of planning and has placed great emphasis on all aspects of community planning. Brighton Township adopted its first comprehensive plan in 1974. Its first master park plan was prepared in 1977 for Two Mile Run Park which was updated in May 2001. In 1998 the Township initiated the planning process for a new Brighton Township Comprehensive Plan that was subsequently adopted in June 1999 and amended with the Comprehensive Plan 2007 Update.


The 2007 Update provides a summary of changes that have occurred in the Township since July 1999 in land use, ordinances and codes, population, parks & recreation and other key areas. The summary includes a list of accomplishments that identify how recommendations of the prior plan have been, or are currently being implemented. The visions and goals, and other key points, of the 1999 Plan were reviewed to determine if they are still valid. During the preparation of the 2007 Update, the Commission identified new goals, visions and strategies for action. Part of this process included two Community-wide Public Meetings to solicit input and ideas,
and a joint meeting with the Parks and Recreation Board to specifically focus park, recreation and open space needs. A future land use map is used as a graphic illustration of the Township’s vision and goals with respect to land use.


The Planning Commission continues to review the goals and recommendations of the Plan as blueprint for future projects and actions.





PDF icon Comprehensive Plan 2007 Update


PDF icon Future Land Use Map


PDF icon Exisiting Land Use Map


PDF icon Bicycle Network Master Plan


PDF icon Two Mile Run Park Master Plan 2014


PDF icon Greenway Plan 2016