Water Service During Vacation And Winter Get Away


Going away for an extended period of time? The Brighton Township Municipal Authority offers a service to have your water service terminated at the curb stop for persons whose home may be vacant for an extended period of time. A service fee of $10 is charged for both the turn-off and turn-on; a total of $20. No charges accrue to your account during the period of termination. Accounts turned off prior to the 15th of the month will received a ½ month’s charge, and after the 15th will receive a full months charge. A person must be present within the home when the service is turned back on. You will need to call the Authority Office to schedule an appointment for this service.


Another option is that you can shut off the Stop and Waste Valve which is near the water meter in your home. If the home is vacant for an extended period this will help prevent significant flooding within the home should there be a plumbing failure while the home is vacant. However, unless service is terminated at the curb, monthly billings and charges will continue to accrue during the vacancy.