Building Permit Application


Building and zoning permit applications, when fully complete, are normally reviewed, approved and issued within fourteen (14) business days. More frequently, they are prepared in a much shorter period, depending upon the nature of the permit application. Applications for new homes or additions may also need one or more of the following permits:

  • Building Code Permit

  • Electrical Permit

  • Plumbing Permit

  • HVAC/Mechanical Permit

  • Public Water Connection – Brighton Township Municipal Authority

  • Public Sewer Permit – Brighton Township Sewage Authority

  • On-Lot Sewage Permit – Brighton Township

  • Driveway Permit for Township Street – Brighton Township

  • Driveway Permit for State Road – PA Department of Transportation

Please contact the Township Office to discuss your permit needs. Building permit applications are to be accompanied by plans, drawn to scale, showing the actual shape and dimensions of the lot to be built upon and the exact size and location of any building. Remember, the better the information supplied with the permit, the 
quicker it can be reviewed and acted upon. Your assistance does make a difference.