Non-Residential Recycling Requirements



In compliance with Pennsylvania Act 101 recycling and refuse collection in Brighton Township is mandatory for both residential and nonresidential properties. The designated materials to be recycled by places of business or other nonresidential establishment are:

  • High grade office paper;
  • Aluminum food and beverage containers;
  • Corrugated paper (cardboard); and
  • Leaf waste.

Businesses are also encouraged to recycle clear, brown and green glass food and beverage containers; Steel and bimetal food and beverage containers; Newspaper and magazines; and PET (1) and HDPE (2) plastics.


Please advise the Township of your contracted hauler for these recycled items so we may obtain annual reports of their refuse and recycling success. Their reported weights are to be compiled annually by the Township as part of our obligation to file reports with both the County and State. In addition, the Township can report these weights on annual recycling performance grant applications.