What’s Yours & What’s Ours


This drawing shows a residential water service with an indoor meter installation. In some instances an outside meter pit is required to house the residential meter. The customer is responsible for maintaining the meter pit, all valves, fittings, etc. located within the meter pit.


All residential meters (located indoors or in a meter pit) are furnished, owned, and maintained by the Authority. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide the Authority access to the meter and to notify the Authority of any meter malfunction. Each residential Customer is responsible to protect each meter from all damage, including freezing. Cost for repair/replacement of a damaged or frozen meter is paid for by the customer.


The portion of the water service from the property line to and within the residence is owned by the Customer. This includes all valves, backflow prevention, pressure reducing valves, fittings, etc. The Authority is not responsible for maintaining any portion of the water service owned by the Customer, or for any damage done resulting from escaping water. All leaks in the Customer’s service pipe, fittings, valves, etc. must be repaired immediately by the Customer and at the Customer’s expense.


This drawing is provided to highlight residential water service responsibilities. It is not intended as a detail for construction. Further detail is provided in the Brighton Township Municipal Authority “Rules and Regulations”.

Water Service Exhibit



Brighton Township Municipal Authority (BTMA) does not offer any type of insurance plan should your waterline break or develop a leak. However, Duquesne Light as well as Columbia Gas and Peoples Natural Gas offer plans that you can obtain insurance on your water service line for a monthly charge added to your electric or gas bill. BTMA does not endorse or recommend any specific type of insurance that provides this type of protection. The customer should investigate and evaluate these programs individually.