Automatic Bill Payment

Residential accounts can receive a 2% discount on their water and sewer charges by enrolling in the Automatic Bill Payment option!


Payments for your water and sewage to the Brighton Township Municipal Authority (BTMA) and Brighton Township Sewage Authority (BTSA) may be automatically drawn from your checking account.


What Are The Benefits?

  • It is quick – just mail the enrollment form.
  • It is convenient – payment will be automatically deducted on the 20th of the month.
  • It is safe – electronic debit is completely secure.
  • It saves time – no more writing or mailing checks.
  • It saves money – in checks, postage and gas.

How Does This Work?

After application and approval you will continue to receive a monthly bill card by e-mail. The bill will be imprinted with the statement “Do Not Pay.” Please review the bill immediately and notify BTMA/BTSA if you have any questions or disputes regarding the bill. On the 20th of the month, the bill amounts will be automatically drawn from the bank account you have specified. If the 20th is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the withdrawal will be made on the next business day. The statement you receive from your bank or other financial institution will indicate the date and amount withdrawn from your account.

  • If your bank account number changes BTMA/BTSA must be notified immediately and a revised enrollment form completed.
  • If you wish to terminate the automatic bill payment option, you must notify BTMA/BTSA in writing sixty (60) days in advance. Future reinstatement will be subject to re-enrollment.
  • If the transaction is refused by your financial institution for any reason such as insufficient funds, closed or unauthorized account, you will be immediately terminated from the program. In addition, a fee of $20 will be charged to your BTMA/BTSA account.
  • If you relocate or your BMTA/BTSA account is closed, your final bill cannot be processed automatically; you must make payment by mail or in person.
  • An acknowledgement of acceptance of your enrollment will be sent to you prior to the first withdrawal from your account. Please continue to mail your payments until you are advised that the automatic payment withdrawal process is in place.
  • To authorize the automatic bill payment option, please complete the enrollment form.

On-Line Banking


Residents may also pay  their bill using on-line banking.  The Payee Name should be one of the following:  BTMA/BTSA (preferred use), BTMA, BTSA, Brighton Township Municipal Authority, Brighton Township Sewage Authority.  Please verify your Account Number when issuing payment through a bank.  Using an incorrect Account Number or Payee Name could result in the payment being rejected for electronic service.  No discount is offered for this payment method.


Questions? Call the BTMA/BTSA offices at 724-774-4800.