Building And Zoning Permits


Brighton Township has been a zoned community since the 1980s. Zoning not only specifies what uses are permitted on property within the Township, it provides specific regulations under which those uses can be conducted. Brighton Township’s Zoning Ordinance also requires property owners to secure a building and zoning permit prior to the erection, addition or alteration of any building or portion thereof. A zoning permit is also to be secured prior to the change of use of any building or land. Minor repairs to a building, such as siding, a new roof or windows, do not require a building permit. Please call the Township at (724) 774-4800 to ask if you need a building permit for the work you are planning.


To implement the new Statewide Building Code, Act 45 of 1999, The Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, the Board of Supervisors has adopted the International Building/Construction Codes.  The current codes in effect can be found on the PA Department of Labor and Industry through this link. Please note that many of these codes have been amended by the PA UCC Review and Advisory Council.  Those amendments are available on the PA Department of Labor and Industry link. 


Confirmation of code compliance will be by site inspections by certified building inspection officers. The Township has contracted with the Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA) to perform plan reviews and inspection services. MDIA will also issue final occupancy permits. Applicants for building permits will be required to submit documentation with the application that the proposed construction complies with code. These codes apply to general construction, plumbing, electrical and HVAC/Mechanical.


Due to the adoption of the International Building Code please allow more time for the processing and review of you permit application if you are planning a construction project this year.


Do you have code questions? Contact: Chuck Steinmetz at The Middle Department Inspection Agency at

Ph: (800) 580-6342. 


Brighton Township has designated the Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board of the Beaver County Regional Council of Governments to hear appeals from decisions of the Building Code Official for Brighton Township.


Brighton Township is primarily a residential community, and most of the permits issued are for single family home construction, additions or accessory uses. The following table lists the basic requirements for single family home zoning compliance. This is a summary table and does not represent the entire ordinance regulations. Numerous other uses and regulations are provided within the zoning ordinance which is available online through the above link. The Zoning Officer is available to assist you should you have any specific questions.



R-1 Rural Residential

R-2 Agricultural Residential

Single Family Home







With both public water and sewer.

12,500 Square Feet

21,780 Square Feet
(1/2 Acre)

With on lot water or sewer

One (1) Acre (43,560 SF)

One (1) Acre (43,560 SF)


At the building line with both public water and sewer.

90 Feet

100 Feet

At the building line with on lot water or sewer.

125 Feet

125 Feet


Front Yard: From right of way of collector or arterial roadways.

40 Feet

50 Feet

Front Yard: From right of way of local streets.

30 Feet

30 Feet

Side Yard

10 Feet

15 Feet

Side Yard – Corner Lot

20 Feet

20 Feet

Rear Yard

40 Feet

40 Feet

Accessory Uses side and rear yard.

5 Feet < or = to 720 SF
10 Feet > than 720 SF 

10 Feet

Maximum building height.

Three (3) Stories or 36 Feet

Three (3) Stories or 36 Feet


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